A signature style for
TW software


Towers Watson is a leading global professional services company looking to grow the revenue from its technology products. To support this, they needed to look at their digital brand and bring more consistency across their products. Our extensive audit of their current product portfolio showed the scale and complexity of the issues they faced.

Working closely with Towers Watson and their technology teams, the Technology Brand Principles have now been launched. Outlining how to organise and brand all of their technology products, from desktop software to mobile apps. This has been a extensive project carried out over two years.

The signature style of the Towers Watson logo was developed for their software product icons, creating a distinctive and ownable expression. Light paintings, originally photographed by John Ross, are used for splash screens and large scale applications. Bringing consistency to their interface designs — desktop, web, tablet and mobile — was also a major part of this project.

Finally, we created a companion marketer’s guide to outline correct design and communication across brochures, presentations and event material.

Chris Worsley, Head of Digital and Software Marketing, commented;
'We did the webinar today to the marketing community to launch the branding formally. It went down well and folks love the styling. Thanks to everyone for all your hard work and support.’

We continue to support Towers Watson in the development of their brand across all technology products.