Beers and beards


Equipped with a bespoke tasting glass and a healthy thirst, we poured into this year's London Craft Beer Festival. We were in for a treat!

If you’ve never been, imagine a large space filled with beer stands, music and over a hundred bearded beer lovers (and a handful of female enthusiasts, not bearded). 24 breweries from the UK, Europe and the US had come together to show off their unique concoctions during the four days of the festival. With over 60 different beers ranging from lagers, bitters and ales to fruity mixers and porter beers, there were brews for every taste. Before long, we were comparing flavours and discussing palettes, working our way from one stand to another. Wherever we tended our glasses, we were met with a proud brewer, eager to pour. Our only worry was which beer to try next.


About halfway through the tasting spree, we could hardly contain our beer fuelled enthusiasm: 'This is heaven!’ (Ian). And this was even before we found out about an entire space dedicated to breweries from Flanders…

From what we can remember, it was a festival full of discoveries, of flavours and of stories told by brewers about the creativity that goes into every aspect of their beers. From carefully selected ingredients and the brewing technique through to the label design – each beer had its own story which often goes with a rather unusual name. Mad Squirrel, Black Tongue, Evil Twin, Liquid Mistress… Beers crafted to delight the taste buds and the imagination.


Kerstin Neurohr