Bright young things
June is my favourite time of year! As design schools are dusting off their displays and students add the final touches to their projects, I’m clearing my social calendar in anticipation of what’s to come. It’s exciting to see what the next generation is up to – what questions or interests shape their world and to see how individual responses come to life in a project. From way finding systems for blind people and sensory ice cream stands to musical type writers, mini robots that scout London's water pipes for leaks and bicycle bells with a unique sound for each borough of the city.

The displays are bursting with potential and I feel inspired by these experiments and admittedly a bit shaken up – it’s a world apart from hyper-aesthetic design blogs. Don’t get me wrong, I do love browsing through beautiful pieces of type design. However, if the type is manipulated and warped into striking 3D miniature sculptures to reflect how a traditional craft is changed by contemporary technology, well then my design heart beats faster too.

Kerstin Neurohr

CSM graduate show 2014

CSM MA communication Design 2014

RCA MA Visual Communication 2014

CSM Textile Futures 2014

RCA MA Visual Communication 2014

RCA graduate show 2014