Our pan-African campaign launches today


Today sees the initial launch of our above the line campaign for Oryx Energies, a subsidiary of private investment group AOG. One of Africa’s largest and longest established independent providers of oil and gas products and services, this is Oryx Energies’ first pan-African advertising campaign. The campaign kicks off September today in Benin and Tanzania, and will be rolled out across a total of 12 selected markets in sub-Saharan Africa, running until mid-2017. 

Billboard advert

Under the slogan: "Oryx Energies. With you every day", the campaign aims to raise brand awareness, helping Oryx Energies achieve its ambition of becoming the preferred energy brand in sub-Saharan Africa.

Commenting on the campaign, Handsome Founder Ian Haughton: “This is our first above the line campaign and we built a bespoke, small but very experienced team to deliver it.

We developed a highly visual campaign to bridge Africa’s diversity of language. Also, different customs, locations, rituals, dress and food meant all shots had to be carefully considered, to not feel like one particular country. But we are first and foremost designers so this was a challenge we relished.

The African sun was our inspiration. A big circle of energy in the sky. The circle, for us, represented the ‘O’ in Oryx. We then looked at how a circle could tell a story about fuel, lubricants and gas in people’s lives every day.“

Still from TV advert

The campaign includes a variety of TV, radio, billboard, press and digital media ads. The first wave will run for 4 weeks in Benin and Tanzania, centred around the Oryx Energies brand. Subsequent waves will focus on LPG products and then lubricants, for a total period of approximately 18 months per market. 

A pan-African media drive will reinforce the national campaigns from mid-January 2015, when the Africa Cup of Nations attracts millions of African viewers to their TVs. 


For her part, AOG's Chief Communication Officer (CCO), Karen Saddler - who developed the vision for Oryx Energies - stated: “The challenge was to create a dream team, with the best in brand strategy, design and Africa. People I know and for whom I have the highest esteem. I wanted consumers across sub-Saharan Africa to embrace Oryx Energies as a Swiss born, African made brand.”

“Keith Lucas, of Lucasbrand, brought the essential brand analysis to the initial phases and provided ongoing counsel; Handsome Brands brought creative genius and the selection of production partners of the highest calibre; and Paris-based AG Partners (now part of Publicis Africa) brought their African eyes, as one of the only communication agencies that has been focused uniquely on Africa for over 25 years. We welded the team together and I am delighted with the result.”

Original Concept Productions worked closely with Handsome to develop the concept, and execute the TV ad. They worked with Migrate Film Company on the ground in South Africa. Andy York developed the copy.