Archer brand identity

Why oilfield specialists
are craftsmen

Archer is the amalgamation of two specialist oilfield companies, Seawell and Allis-Chalmers, plus several smaller operators. Creating a distinctly credible brand for this merger and acquisition was our challenge for this ambitious new company. The timeless values associated with ‘craftsmen’ explained Archer’s pride in their work. We used it to differentiate them from
other, more utilitarian competitors.

The logotype is deliberately strong and purposeful. The ‘A’ of Archer, with its hidden arrow, represents the two pillars of the business and symbolises the well head. A slab serif is used to reflect craftsmanship and a combination of dark grey and yellow breaks the mould for an industry awash with red, blue or green. Since roll-out, the new Archer brand has impressed all stakeholders — from employees and managers to customers, investment analysts and even their competitors.