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Sky Extra
Sky TV now lives in a different world. Surrounded by online content and challenger brands they’re fighting hard for people’s eyes and pennies. Of late, they’ve experienced a high turnover of subscribers thanks to the increase in costs when initial sign-up deals expire.

We were challenged by Sky to reduce this current deal-seeking behaviour by helping them redefine their long-term relationship and investment in their existing customer base.

The new identity marked an exciting change in direction for Sky’s CRM strategy. Now targeting the stable customer base with a considered app and online portal, Extra let users experience innovative content as well as access bespoke rewards.

Reflecting this, we crafted a hierarchy of membership, giving people their own tailored relationship with the brand. Teasing them with higher levels of access and rewards through visible but restricted areas.
Helping Sky programme extra loyalty
“The Sky Extra project has been
a great success. We are looking
into working with Sky UK on a
consultancy on the same topic.”