the Handsome H
Subsea 7
Subsea 7 were building a new architecturally designed, impressive head office. We were asked to look at signage, environmental graphics and installations. With such a beautiful building it was clear that whatever we did had to be in harmony with the architect’s vision.

We developed a new bespoke brand language, based around a circle reflecting the brand identity and the building in equal measure.

This simple language connected all manner of applications, from 3D installations, to wayfinding, to manifestations. We used the strategy ‘From seabed to surface’ to inform The Reef restaurant, the water column in the atrium, a metre column running the height of the building and bespoke privacy levels on glass.

The architects were impressed. “I’d say it genuinely complements it. Definitely. The typeface that they used was very good and very strong and made a consistent theme, uniting all the floors. The numbering, the lettering, and the signage – I thought that was very good.” The exhibition wall was “very clever” and even the potentially uninteresting car park was “excellent”.
Extending the vision of the architect, even as far as the car park
“The challenge for us was that
we wanted a building that wasn’t
obviously branded. We wanted it
to be distinctively Subsea 7 so
that it wasn’t just a bland white
building. We wanted subtle
and that’s what we achieved.”
“I now come to work in the
morning and realise that I’m
working in a fantastic place.
The atrium which reflects seabed
to surface – I see it every single
day and I love it.”
Sally Halsey
Subsea 7