The Body Shop rebrand

Revitalising an icon

Our overhaul of The Body Shop brand identity was the first since it launched in 1976. The Body Shop had lost its edge and its market share. As part of understanding why, we were first asked to audit the brand. We found its core values had been lost, stores were impossible to navigate and branding lacked global consistency. Confusing everyone, The Body Shop had too much of everything.

The challenge was not to re-invent the brand, but revive it. Completely new logos that worked on items from lip pencils to shop signs were an essential part of the overhaul. Also integral to the rebrand was our introduction of ‘Made with Passion’ to galvanise their core values and bring them back into the stores, where they belong. ‘Passion panels’ were introduced on packs and in-store as engaging platforms for product and brand stories. Our comprehensive set of brand guidelines for everything from store signage to packaging ensured The Body Shop got back on track.