brand identity

A company at the cutting edge

Simplify are ambitious but their identity didn’t match this ambition and they needed help. It wasn’t able to reflect the energy and dynamism of the company or its owner. Their business is built around helping companies understand their customers better, so they can engage with them in a more meaningful way. It’s easy to let the techie side of extremely clever software dominate your thinking. We believed the human and engaging aspect of the brand should be balanced with the technology, driving the business forward.

The new identity is designed to be utterly and uniquely distinctive in the marketplace. Confident and dynamic, it suggests the company’s restless edge. Projecting a strong personality, it both inspires Thunderhead people to be innovative and tells its clients it is. Capturing the human aspect of the company, and celebrating the real personalities of its people, the individual portraits were taken by David Vintiner. We also engaged with their various agencies to ensure the full impact of this new brand was delivered at every opportunity.